Tina Hung, Senior Consultant, National Council of Social Service

She is passionate about providing effective and user empowered solutions, efforts to address social problems, prototype better solutions, and improve service delivery.

Tina Hung

Tina Hung earned her Masters in Public Administration and Social Work at Eastern Washington University, USA. She is Senior Consultant at the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Prior to that, she was Deputy Chief Executive Officer at NCSS. For over two and a half decades, she led NCSS efforts in pioneering, service planning and development for children, youth, family, disability, elderly and mental health services. She created a service performance and standards framework for social services and spearheaded research to improve services. She was instrumental in leading and pioneering a long list of services to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations.

Tina enjoys creating better solutions to social problems, helping others to succeed and building a kinder and more inclusive society. Since 2015, she has provided strategic leadership to guide NCSS public education efforts to combat stigma and to promote social inclusion for people with disability and persons with mental health conditions.

Tina has been appointed to national and inter-Ministry committees and panels to conduct national reviews, develop master plans and coordinate efforts to address social problems and design new initiatives. She has also served on various Boards and Committees including the National Committee on Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation, Centre for Enabled Living and SgEnable founding Boards, Board of Visitors for Prisons, the IMH Charity Fund Board, and the Women's Health Advisory Committee. She is currently a Director on the Boards of Special Needs Trust Company and Adviser to the BinjaiTree Foundation.