Community Outreach

Education plays a big part in helping to create shared spaces and a common understanding to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. 


As a peer-powered platform, we place strong value on a peer’s knowledge from the lived experience of a mental health condition, and the benefits it has as a unique knowledge resource for conversations with the community and public. 

Our community engagement initiatives aim to facilitate a holistic understanding of important wellness and recovery topics.


A Library of Unspoken Stories

A key community outreach initiative, A Library of Unspoken Stories offers a unique, honest and up-close experience with our Human Books, as they bare their pages for readers, sharing innermost thoughts about their journeys of mental health recovery, self-empowerment and resilience building. The initiative has proven to be cathartic for both peers and readers, empowering them as advocates, opening up new perspectives and providing hope for those among us who might be facing a mental health situation in the shadows. A Library of Unspoken Stories effectively raises the value of peer knowledge and is a yardstick for true and open conversations between peers and society, whilst driving anti-stigmatism.

``It was definitely an eye-opening experience and has changed my perceptions. Thank you to all the books for your courage to be vulnerable and share your stories. I'm sure you have inspired countless today, me included! Thank you so much! Press on with Hope!``