Episode 4: Reclaiming Self-Worth while Transitioning into a Gay Transgender Woman by Yvette

Trigger warning, this episode contains references to self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Listener discretion is advised.

Episode Description: This episode, we speak with Yvette about growing up not understanding how others were wired, coping with depression, rebelling against fakeness, being okay all the time, and transitioning to a gay transgender woman.


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Yvette’s Mental Health Journey 


About Not a Pity Party Podcast:

Not a Pity Party, Singapore’s first youth mental health podcast by peers, for peers. The podcast is borne from our Let’s Talk, For Real: A  Youth Mental Health initiative which comprises resilience education, peer support programmes and digital peer support resources.


The podcast is the first in Singapore where youths with a lived mental health experience shared authentic first-hand accounts of how they found personal strategies for resilience building to deal with daily mental health challenges as they walked along their recovery journeys. Themes such as gender identity, help seeking, accepting their mental health conditions, and finding empowerment in peer support and recovery are discussed in the episodes.


Not a Pity Party also aims to educate youths in recovery from mental health conditions and youths-at-risk who are afraid to seek help due to stigma and familial situations by normalising mental health conversations and encouraging them to seek medical and social mental health support.


Not a Pity Party Podcast is supported by Tote Board Singapore, the National Council of Social Service, Beyond the Label, and Audio Technica.


Not a Pity Party Podcast Playlist

Accompanying the launch of Not a Pity Party Podcast is a specially curated Spotify playlist of songs which have been sources of support and inspiration during the personal mental health recovery journeys of RC youth peers.

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