The Power Of We

Our strength is in bringing diverse perspectives together, and harnessing each individual’s experiences and expertise towards a shared goal. We recognise individuals as unique and equal partners in delivering ideas, and that we are collectively stronger and better able to build sustainable systems of care for mental wellness.

In creating new programmes or activities, we work with a core group with a mix of lived experience and relevant professional skill sets to co-produce innovative solutions that are personable and sustainable for participants. Our activities are recovery-focused and work towards empowering participants with the tools to either help them on their recovery journey or to improve and maintain mental wellness.

How We Work


From workshops, facilitated discussions or events, our solutions are developed collaboratively and reflect the shared wisdom and perspective of peers and professionals. Ultimately, we are building strategies that can be tailored to suit the needs of audiences to facilitate recovery and improve mental wellness.


Drawing on lived experience, we create opportunities and events for peers to network, and give and receive support while exploring strategies for moving from illness to wellness, and surviving to flourishing.


Our uniques community engagement initiatives aim to facilitate holistic understanding of
important wellness and recovery topics. Education plays a big part in helping to create shared spaces to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

Recovery Education Series

As part of our solutions pillar, we have created an educational series that spans a range of important topics dealing with different aspects of the recovery journey. The Recovery Education Series can be done in sequence or as standalone.


For corporates, schools and other organisations that are interested in any of the topics, we can work to tailor the content and curriculum to better suit the needs and purpose of the intended audience.



What is recovery? Is it possible for me or my loved one to recover from a mental health challenge? Join our peer facilitators as we share hope and lived experience while exploring each of our own unique journeys of recovery.


A holistic workshop that touches on important knowledge and skills to better understand anxiety and how you can manage it in the long-term.


Identifying personal triggers and what you can do to recover after a crisis are key parts of creating a wellness plan. We will help you create a personal wellness plan and identify tools to help you maintain and improve your wellbeing.


Supportive relationships play an important role in maintaining mental health and wellness for everyone. How do I meet new people? What can I do to strengthen the relationships I already have? This workshop invites us to a safe platform to rediscover and explore the art of friendship.


Self-stigma can occur when a person internalises the myths, stereotypes and prejudices society has about mental illness. Our workshop hopes to tackle this by boosting understanding and empowering participants to address self-stigma.


A hands-on, skills-based workshop that teaches you how to shape your experience in a compelling way and frame your recovery journey to empower others. Use your lived experience to transform lives.

We conduct these activities regularly so keep a look out on our events page to see the next upcoming one.