It Starts With You


A Mental Health Resource by Resilience Collective

It Starts With You is a mental health resource by Resilience Collective (RC) that chronicles the recovery journeys of peers or persons with lived experience of a mental health condition. It showcases authentic and personal narratives from peers on how they took that first step to seek help and find support despite having to face their mental health struggles.


The sharings that you see on this resource showcases how the RC community can support you through mental health recovery. By walking alongside each other, our community members have embodied authenticity and vulnerability through:

  • Sharing of mental health lived experiences while taking ownership of their mental health journeys.

  • Being empowered through supporting and holding space for peers in recovery.

  • Creating a safe space where they feel comfortable in sharing ways to apply coping strategies and resources.

No one is alone in recovery. Hear from our peers as they share what happened and when, how they sought help, and from who. Through their stories of hope and resilience, we hope persons-at-risk or newly diagnosed peers will be inspired to make that pivotal decision and start on their personal recovery journeys. You can help someone to take that first step! 

Start Your Journey Of Finding Support And Help-Seeking

RC would not exist without our passionate community members. These members have taken that first step to share their own experiences in the hope of supporting others in their mental health struggles. They also acknowledge the persons in their life who are integral in walking with them alongside their recovery journeys.


Listen and follow our peers on how they have each forge a resilient identity despite facing mental health challenges while harnessing their mental health lived experiences to support peers in recovery.

Why seeking help early during a mental health struggle is important?

by Derrick Looi

The power of conversations and communication with a community

by Ling Xin

Why is peer support essential in mental health?

by Velda Wong

How an increased awareness of mental health conditions will help mitigate mental health stigma?

by Carla Castle

Upbringing and Mental Health. Are They Related?

by Lay Cheng


Tracing a new path

by Wayne Kee

Harnessing mental health lived experiences to inspire hope & resilience

Harnessing their mental health lived experiences using self-created illustrations, photographs, and videos, our community has chronicled their mental health challenges in the hopes of inspiring others to come forward to seek help and find support. Follow #itstartswithyousg on instagram.


Let’s hear from our community members!

How Can The RC Community Support You?

“Seeing other members show up for one another, even during their low periods, fills me with confidence. And the connections I’ve built have really added warmth and colour to my social circle” – Zen Lin


Being part of the community is a real strength towards greater realisation of the ups and downs in the mental health recovery journey that one may face at different points in time, as recovery is a constantly evolving journey” – Dinusha T. Jayawardene


““I have volunteered and participated in initiatives by RC. These initiatives have shed light on the how different individuals perceive recovery and has help me to see my recovery as a unique and personal lifelong endeavour” – Xiu Wen

Sharings from our peer support sessions

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Here’s how you can receive and give support!

This is just the beginning of your mental health journey! Join us for peer support sessions in a safe space where you will receive support from the community and journey together with them.


Another way is to be involved as a community member, where you can be part of the peer support work that we are championing in the mental health space.


Be the start for yourself and others to find help and seek support today!