From Darkness to Light

PhotoStory celebrates the journey of mental health recovery through visual imagery. It stands testament to the impact of empowerment and the admirable qualities of resilience, built among our peers, or persons with the lived experience of a mental health condition, as they faced and overcame their mental challenges, adopted coping skills and strategies, and shifted along the mental health continuum towards good mental health.

Raising literacy that mental health does not exist in a vacuum and needs the active participation of an inclusive society, combating stigma, guiding those in need to their own recovery solutions and inspiring those at risk to seek help are further cornerstones of PhotoStory.

We invite you to come on the journey with our peers, to walk into their PhotoStory, through the darkness and out to the light!

You can make a difference to the recovery journeys of more than 300,000 peers, or persons with a mental health condition. Give them the opportunity to rebuild their identities and find the strength to share their lived experience, supporting personal betterment and helping those at risk.

Your contributions will allow for recovery workshops, resilience programmes and peer support initiatives. You will also sustain efforts that extend the peer voice, not only for a peer’s personal betterment but for those of persons-at-risk.

Make your contribution by:

  1. Adopting a peer's limited photo print. Contribution categories are:
    • SGD 200-499: A4 size or equivalent print
    • SGD 500-999: A3 size or equivalent print
    • SGD 1,000 and above: A2 size or equivalent print

    Note: All prints are Fine Art Digital Archival Print on Sihl 3315 or equivalent.

  2. Joining the auction for donated works from out Photographer Mentors
  3. Or, by making a donation at the QR code below

Thank you for helping us make a difference so that our peers can make that difference.






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Visual Celebration of Resilience

Messages from

Resilience Collective

It is with great pride that we bring to you, PhotoStory: From Darkness to Light. PhotoStory celebrates resilience and the positive strength of the human spirit in adversity. Our peers, ordinary persons from Singapore’s community...

Chow Chee Yong

PhotoStory 2020

It has been a great privilege and honour to work with the peers of Resilience Collective. To quote Elliot Erwitt, “To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I...

These are the visual voices of people who understand and are living the experience of mental health recovery.

These are the visual voices of people who know the struggles, challenges, joys, and successes of the mental health recovery journey.

These are the visual voices of people breaking stigma by being open and authentic about experiences.

These are the visual voices of... RESILIENCE

Photographer Mentors

Andrew Fong

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Chow Chee Yong

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Neo Xiao Bin

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SE Ong

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