Since 25, travel to me was a form of escape, especially from people issues. It continued for a few years but soon, stopped working. I could no longer run away when things weren’t going my way. I felt alone and was angry at people I loved. I was using drugs most days and started experiencing psychosis. I checked myself into rehab.

There, I really struggled. Everyday felt worse than the one before. Then one morning I broke my leg playing football. It was a blessing in disguise – it nudged me into practising acceptance. And 100 days into rehab, I sat with my counsellor and started to be honest for the first time in a very long time. I learnt to face the fact that from a young age I have always had a strange obsession with alcohol and other mind-altering substances.

Now, I am aware of my character defects, how I react to things and the fear that pushes me back into my old ways of thinking. I continue to practice spiritual principles by asking myself what I can do to help and by calling fellow friends in recovery on a daily basis.

I hope to share my experience, the hope and strengths that got me to the place I am today through my story.

The darkness of my addiction

The pain of needing help and trying to do it alone

The start of something new

The work to get well

The willingness

How I was living my life

Asking for help, I’m not alone

The awareness riding into The light

A future of family And friends

About Ryan

Ryan Jamie Shrimpton grew up in a small town in England called Daventry. He went to college to study Carpentry and spent 10 years as a tradesman paving roads and areas all over England, Australia and New Zealand. He also spent 3 years running his own paving company with his buddy. Hitting rock bottom and entering rehabilitation in September 2019, Ryan is on his road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction one day at a time. He has found a programme that works and a supportive community. Ryan is now looking to study in Singapore to improve his education and pursue a better career in a new light. He enjoys sightseeing and exploring new places with friends, listening to music and playing computer games in his spare time.

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