Our programmes span across resilience education and peer support initiatives, focused on empowering peers through recovery and helping them build resilience to thrive beyond.

Our programmes include:

Resilience Education 

Resilience Education is a series of 6 modular workshops largely for peers with the lived experience of a mental health condition. The curriculum was co-produced with peers and other professionals, with each module focused on supporting the peer through a different stage of their recovery journey, helping them find their coping mechanisms and strategies on a personal level. Our workshops are led by peer facilitators with Peer Support Specialists from Resilience Collective.


Workshop which explores the initial steps toward a peer’s unique and personal journey of recovery


A holistic workshop that touches on important knowledge and skills to better understand anxiety and how to manage it for the long term


Identifying personal triggers and what you can do to recover after a crisis are key parts of creating a wellness plan. We will help you create a personal wellness plan and identify tools to help you maintain and improve your wellbeing.


Supportive relationships play an important role in maintaining mental health and wellness for everyone. How do I meet new people? What can I do to strengthen the relationships I already have? This workshop invites us to a safe platform to rediscover and explore the art of friendship.


Self-stigma can occur when a person internalises the myths, stereotypes and prejudices society has about mental illness. Our workshop hopes to tackle this by boosting understanding and empowering participants to address self-stigma.


A hands-on, skills-based workshop where peers learn to shape their lived experience in a compelling way and frame their personal recovery journey to empower others and transform lives.

We conduct these activities regularly so keep a look out on our events page to see the next upcoming one.

Peer Support


These include Circle of WE and Virtual Coffee, safe spaces where peers are able to openly share their thoughts and concerns. Sometimes, just for a listening ear, at other times, to learn from each other on how best to deal with real-life situations and emotions they face.


Our signature PhotoStory project celebrates the journey of mental health recovery through visual imagery and stands testament to the impact of empowerment and the admirable qualities of resilience, built among our peers as they faced and overcame their mental challenges, adopted coping skills and strategies, and shifted along the mental health continuum towards good mental health. PhotoStory is also a key community outreach project for Resilience Collective as it culminates in a travelling exhibition across Singapore.

“It was definitely an eye-opening experience and has changed my perceptions. Thank you to all the books for your courage to be vulnerable and share your stories. I’m sure you have inspired countless today, me included! Thank you so much! Press on with hope!”