A community where persons living with mental health conditions thrive and lead authentic lives.


To drive a movement where persons living with mental health conditions build resilience and empower each other through education, peer support and co-production.

Core Values

Our 5 core values shape our culture. They help give purpose, improve team cohesion, and create a sense of commitment to our vision and mission. They remind us of our promise to our stakeholders to add value to what we do.

RESET - Value Proposition To The Community


We leverage on peer and professional knowledge as a unique resource


We practise active empathy to enable each other’s recovery


We build and leverage existing personal strengths of individuals


Empowered as a community, we can influence positive change in our lives, the lives of others and perceptions of mental health


We trust and support the safe space of our community

Peer Knowledge

The Power of WE

At Resilience Collective, we strongly advocate the Power of WE.

Through leveraging positive synergies between individuals with different perspectives, experiences, and expertise, we are poised to create sustainable solutions which are co-produced, people-centered and holistic. Solutions that speak to a shared vision for the betterment of society in mental wellness and social inclusion.


A collaborative, strengths-based approach, co-production is key to the creation and development of both concepts, content and delivery for Resilience Collective’s programmes and initiatives.

Co-production is based on an equal and reciprocal relationship between peers with a lived mental health experience, experts, professionals and others in the community. It speaks to the strength of The Power of WE.

Through co-production, we harness the shared wisdom and perspectives of all involved to create new approaches in the commissioning, design, delivery, and evaluation of mental health solutions and community engagement.